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Tube Top ATV Hauler

The ideal trailer for the avid outdoor enthusiast, the Trailerman® Tube Top ATV Hauler! Not only does the rear spring gate make for easy loading/unloading of your ATV or UTV but the side store ramps allow for driving front storage or other equipment on or off from the front a breeze.

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The Trailerman® Tube Top ATV Hauler

Prepare for your off-road adventures with the rugged and dependable Trailerman® Tube Top ATV Hauler. This purpose-built trailer is your ideal companion for safely transporting your ATVs to the heart of adventure. Explore the features and benefits that make the Tube Top ATV Hauler a must-have for ATV enthusiasts:

Key Features:

1. Secure Transportation: Its robust tube top rail design ensures you securely fasten your ATVs, making them ready for the journey to your favorite trails.

2. Easy Loading: Designed for user-friendliness, it allows you to effortlessly load and unload your ATVs, reducing the time spent struggling and increasing your time for enjoying the ride.

3. Durable Build: Constructed with high-quality materials to withstand the demands of off-road excursions, its industrial grade polymer finish adds an extra layer of protection, guarding against rust and corrosion.

4. Versatile Sizing: You can choose from various sizes to accommodate your specific ATV models. Whether you ride solo or with friends, we have the perfect fit for you.

5. Smooth Towing: The Tube Top ATV Hauler features a heavy-duty axle and dependable suspension, ensuring a smooth, safe towing experience. Say goodbye to bumps in the road.

6. Tailored for ATVs: This trailer is purpose-built for ATVs, designed to accommodate your needs, providing ample space and security for your all-terrain vehicles.

7. Safety First: Safety is our priority. The Tube Top ATV Hauler comes equipped with LED lighting and reflective tape to ensure you remain visible, enhancing your safety during transport.


  • Choose the size that best fits your needs.
  • Payload capacity ranges from 1,200 to 2,000 pounds.
  • It has sturdy and reliable tie-down points for securing your ATVs.

Elevate your ATV transportation game with the Trailerman® Tube Top ATV Hauler, designed for those who demand performance and durability.

Don’t compromise on safety and reliability. Take your off-road experiences to the next level and ensure your ATVs reach the trailhead in perfect condition.

Ready to gear up for your next adventure? Discover the Trailerman® difference with the Tube Top ATV Hauler. Order yours today and set out on your next thrilling escapade with confidence.


Available Options

Color Options

Not exact color match. Contact your local dealer for color samples.

  • Standard Black
  • Optional Red
  • Optional Gray


  • 82" x 14' (3k)
  • 82" x 14' (7k)
  • 82" x 16' (7k)
  • 82" x 18' (7k)
  • 82" x 20' (7k)
  • Model
  • 82" x 14' (3k) HT8214UAT-030
  • 82" x 14' (7k) HT8214TUAT-070
  • 82" x 16' (7k) HT8216TUAT-070
  • 82" x 18' (7k) HT8218TUAT-070
  • 82" x 20' (7k) HT8220TUAT-070
  • GAWR (lb./axle)
  • 82" x 14' (3k) 3500
  • 82" x 14' (7k) 3500
  • 82" x 16' (7k) 3500
  • 82" x 18' (7k) 3500
  • 82" x 20' (7k) 3500
  • Gross Capacity (GVWR)
  • 82" x 14' (3k) 2990
  • 82" x 14' (7k) 7000
  • 82" x 16' (7k) 7000
  • 82" x 18' (7k) 7000
  • 82" x 20' (7k) 7000
  • Curb Weight (lb.)
  • 82" x 14' (3k) 1480
  • 82" x 14' (7k) 1960
  • 82" x 16' (7k) 2050
  • 82" x 18' (7k) 2140
  • 82" x 20' (7k) 2230

Features and Specifications subject to change without notice. Please contact your local dealer for confirmation.